Thursday, April 5, 2012

1992 Peugeot 405 - One Of The Last Sold In The US

Peugeot officially shutdown their North American operations in September, 1991. The last 200 cars they brought to North America were titled as 1992 cars. This is one of those cars.

Peugeot just never figured out how to market their cars in North America. They sold some good cars here, but with just 150 or so dealers and minimal advertising, few people noticed.

The 405S sold for around $17,000.00 when new. That's about 2500.00 less than a BMW 318i and about $2000.00 more than a Volkswagen Passat. That made sense, as that's really what the 405 is; more comfortable and luxurious than a Passat, but not quite as fun to drive as a BMW 318i. (The 405 Mi16 is a whole 'nother story, however.)

The performance of the 405 is acceptable, but not spectacular. With a 5 speed manual transmission, it will reach 60 HPH in around 9.5 seconds. (With an automatic transmission, like this one has, you can probably count on adding a second or so to that time. That's a guess. I could not find any figures for an automatic 405.) That's about the same as the BMW 318i and a second or so quicker than the Volkswagen Passat.

This 405 is in very nice shape. It's clean and rust free. It has a problem with the heater fan speed, which is most likely a bad resistor. (That seems to be a common problem on European cars. I just replaced one on my BMW. I've had to replace them on a few other European cars I have owned.) It also might have a problem with the trunk lock.

With routine maintenance, a Peugeot will last a very, very long time. However, parts, other than oil filters, plugs, etc., are hard to come by these days. There are a few specialists around the country, but unless you're lucky enough to live near one, you can count on some down time while the part is in transit.

There is virtually no difference between a 1992 405 and any earlier US spec 405. But, if you're thinking about buying a 405 and want one of the last ones sold here, this car is worth checking out.

Located in Portland, OR, click here to see the eBay listing.

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