Tuesday, April 3, 2012

2003 Audi RS6

I don't know if I'd sell my soul for this car like I would for an RS6 Avant, but I'd probably offer it on a long term lease.

I'd take this over an R8. Really. Don't get me wrong, I love the R8. It's a brilliant car. But it's an R8. You would attract less attention standing naked in the middle of the road with your hair on fire than you would driving an R8 down that same road. It's one of those cars that everyone wants to look at and talk about.

You wouldn't have that problem with an RS6. It looks a lot like a standard A6. Only Audi freaks and car geeks would turn their heads when this drove by.

What makes this so different from the A6 is the engine. It's a 4172cc, twin-turbocharged, twin double overhead cam, 5 valve per cylinder, V8. It puts out 444 HP and gets the car to 60 MPH in around 4.5 seconds. (A 2010 V10 R8 gets there in 3.8 seconds, according to Automobile Magazine. This car is only 7 tenths of a second slower to 60 than an R8!) Of course, since it's an Audi, all of that power goes to all four wheels.

To improve handling and braking, The RS6 has shocks and springs that are considerably stiffer than the standard A6 parts. The brakes are upgraded as well, using Brembo calipers in the the front and ATE in the rear.

This car is an immaculate 86,000 mile car. It appears to have been well taken care of. However, Audis are high maintenance cars, so it would be great to find some service records for this car.

As much as I love BMWs, if I was given the choice between an M5 and this, I'd take this. I prefer the looks of the M5, but the combination of the V8, twin turbos and AWD in the RS6 is just too irresistible.

Located in Wexford, PA, click here to see the dealer ad.

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