Wednesday, April 11, 2012

1985 Mercedes Benz 207 D Camper

A couple of weeks ago the Mega Millions lottery game was up to around a half-a-billion dollars. I don't usually play the lottery, but for a chance to win that kind of money I thought it would be OK to drop a couple of dollars on two tickets.

I was out with a friend the night the numbers were drawn. We were talking about what we'd do if we won. I told her that if I had the winning ticket, she wouldn't see me for a very, very long time. That wasn't a knock against her, it's just that I've always had this fantasy of buying a really cool camper and touring the country. I'd like to hit all 48 lower states and parts of Canada. I'd stop in every small town, check out every car show, art show, state park and museum. I'd eat at small diners and church suppers. I'd drink at every dive bar. I'd do it until I got bored or died.

I didn't win the lottery. (In fact, not one number on both of my tickets matched any of the numbers drawn. Not one. What are the odds of that?) My friends are stuck with me.

At least for now...

I wouldn't need to win the lottery to buy this camper. It's not very modern, but it has a very high "cool quotient." It would be perfect for a car geek like me.

This camper is based on a Mercedes-Benz TN truck. The TN was available as a van, cargo van or flatbed. The engine was Mercedes 2.4 liter diesel, the same engine found in the 240D car. (A gasoline engine was offered in the TN, but from what I've read, 90% of them were diesel powered.) This is not the most powerful engine ever made (most likely the one in this camper puts out 65 HP), but its fuel mileage is very good and it lasts forever.

The 207 designation of this van means that it's the smallest of the 4 weight classes Mercedes offered. That's fine for a camper. Unless you plan on going camping with the entire cast of The Biggest Loser, it is more than capable of carrying a few friends and everything you'll need to have fun.

There were a bunch of companies who converted the 207 D into campers, including Westfalia, the company known for VW campers.

This is not a Westfalia camper, but it looks to be a well done conversion. According to the seller, it spent most of its life in Italy. It needs some minor bodywork and is missing the bed and a table in camper area. The seller says it drives well.

The asking price is $7500.00. You might need to spend that amount again to make it perfect. Still, that's not Mega Millions money, that's scratch ticket money.

Sadly, for me, buying the truck is not the big problem. (It's local, I wouldn't even have to pay for shipping.) Surviving without a paycheck while I was on my cross-country adventure would be the problem. Maybe I'll buy a scratch ticket on my way into work tomorrow...

Located in Monson, MA, click here to see the Craigslist ad.

A big thanks to Jim for sending me the link to this car!

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