Saturday, April 21, 2012

A REALLY Nice Rover TC2000- Needs To Find A New Home By This Weekend

A quick Saturday afternoon post...

This 1969 Rover TC2000 has been owned by the same family since 1970. The seller writes:

"This car was originally imported into the US in 1969 and bought by my father, in 1970, from the original owner in Arlington. Virginia, when it had 5000 miles on it. The car has always been garage kept since 1969 here in the US, by the 1st owner and then at my father's home in Chevy Chase, and then from 1980 forward, after being shipped overseas to Switzerland. From 1980 to 2007, the car was stored at my parent's vacation home just outside Geneva, Switzerland. The car was used during vacations and maintained by a Swiss mechanic. In 2007, the car was shipped back to the US and entered through the Port of Baltimore, Maryland where my father drove it from there back to his home in Chevy Chase... Car has a full black leather interior, air conditioning , 4 speed manual, original magnesium wheels, and the ice detector option. The car currently has 90,000 miles."

A 4 speed manual with air. In my mind, that alone makes this car interesting.

The seller's dad recently passed away and his house has been sold. The car needs to be sold by the weekend.

This is an unusual 3 day auction with no reserve. If you're looking for an old Rover, this is a car you should check out.

Located in Chevy Chase, MD, click here to see the eBay listing. (The pictures aren't the best.)

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