Saturday, April 28, 2012

Weekend Quickies, Saturday, April 28, 2012

1985 Citroen CX Familale Turbo Diesel - Many Citroen enthusiasts consider the CX to be the last "true" Citroen. It was the last car to be developed before Peugeot took over the company.

The CX has all the quirky / cool features Citroen is famous for; hydro-pneumatic suspension, speed-adjustable, self centering power steering, single spoke steering wheel and a quirky, but functional dashboard.

This station wagon is a turbodiesel with a 5 speed manual transmission. To many Citroen freaks, this is the ultimate engine / transmission combo. When introduced, the CX diesel was the fastest diesel car in the world, with a top speed of over 120 MPH.

I have one concern about this car. The seller states: "The car only has 60,000 miles, but the engine, exhaust, intercooler, hydraulic system, and turbo were replaced only 6 years ago." That's a lot of work to have done to a low mileage car. Mechanically, the CX is pretty durable. However, the seller is Eurocar Imports, an East Coast Citroen shop with, as far as I can tell, a good reputation. I'm sure of you call them they will give you the details.

Located in Toms River, NJ, click here to see the eBay listing.

1965 Honda S600 - The S600 is a cool looking old roadster. But, even if it didn't look so nice, it would still be a very desirable car.

The S600 has an amazing little engine in it. It's an aluminum, DOHC, hemi head, 606cc I4. Attached to is are four side-draft carbs. It has a 9500 RPM redline and is supposedly good for 11,000 RPM(!). The car weighs a bit over 1500 pounds and top speed is close to 100 MPH.

This car is said to be in original condition. The paint has a few cracks, the front bumper has a bend and there is some rust on the rockers, but all-in-all it's a remarkably preserved car. If I were to buy it, I'd deal with the rust, not touch the rest, and drive the hell out of it.

Located in Gaylordsville, CT, click here to see the eBay listing.

1976 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT - Ads like this scare the hell out of me. If you don't know how to spell the name of the car you're selling, what else don't you know about it?

Having said that, this is a non-running Alfetta GT. Someone must have loved it at one time. At some point it was treated to European bumpers, an aftermarket exhaust (or at least an aftermarket rear muffler) and some aftermarket wheels.

Based on the pictures, the body looks to be in nice shape. It could be full of Bondo of course, so it's important to check it thoroughly.

If you live nearby this car, it might be worth checking out.

Located in Santa Susana, CA, click here to see the Craigslist ad.

1993 Volvo 240 Station Wagon - Feel like a billionaire in this car.

Yesterday I was reading an article titled "Check Out the Cars Driven by the World's Richest People." A lot of the rich people drive what you'd expect them to drive... Porsches, Bentleys, Audis, Roll Royces, etc., etc.

However, one billionaire, Ingvard Kamprad, the founder of Ikea, drives a 1993 Volvo 240 station wagon. A Volvo 245 is a cool car, but it' s a very plain car, especially for a billionaire.

I think that's great. Mr. Kamprad can afford to buy any car in the world (heck, he could afford to buy quite a few car companies, let alone their cars), but he chooses a 19 year old Volvo. However, having just bought some Ikea furniture, I find it ironic that a man whose products come with diabolically complex build instructions, should drive such a simple car.

A Volvo 240 with a normally aspirated engine and an automatic is what it is. It's very dependable, comfortable and has all sorts of room in the back. (Which is useful if you're picking up Ikea furniture. I had boxes sticking out of the sunroof of my BMW E36 coupe.)

This 245 has just 70,661 miles on it. It appears to be in good overall condition.

Located in Olathe, KS, click here to see the eBay listing.

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