Thursday, May 17, 2012

Goliath (Hansa) 1100 Kombi - It's Back

This has to be the same Goliath 1100 I featured back in July, 2010. (See the post here.) How many green Goliath Kombis can there be in New England?

At some point it went from Vermont - which, being a New Englander myself, I consider Northern New England - to "Southern New England", which I would say is Connecticut or Rhode Island.

Curiously, assuming it's the same car, it is now being listed as a 1960 Goliath. From the little I know about Goliath details, this is most likely a 1959.

Goliath cars were sold in the US. In 1958 - the last year of sales figures I could find - they sold around 3500 cars here. They had over 150 dealers.

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