Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Pair of Renault (R5) Le Cars

Imagine what the folks in charge of Renault would be thinking if the only car blog they ever saw was Just a Car Geek. They would most likely be scratching their heads, wondering how the Le Car did not become a best seller in North America. ("Sacre bleu! How did we fail?") We (you, the incredibly smart readers, and me, the barely literate writer) love and appreciate the Le Car.

I was going to take Memorial Day weekend off, but when I saw 2 Le Cars for sale on eBay, I knew I had to write something...

1982 Renault Le Car 2 Door - This is a one owner car. The seller says it was parked after the owners wife passed away. He doesn't mention how long ago that was.

This car has the very, very desirable canvas sunroof. It also has some louvers on the rear window. I usually hate aftermarket louvers, but these look kind of cool in a funky, retro way.

It needs a master cylinder, the carburetor "cleaned" (read: new carb) and a tune-up. The body has some rust. I can see some along the rockers and I assume there is some in the rear wheel wells, as they all rusted there. There is a dent in the left fender. The interior looks to be in good condition, although the seats have covers on them and could be damaged.

All-in-all this is a decent Le Car. It wouldn't take much work to make it a perfect one.

Located in Annapolis, MD, click here to see the eBay listing.

1982 Renault Le Car 4 Door - Renault didn't sell many 4 door Le Cars in North America. It was introduced here in 1981.

I'm not sure the 4 door made much sense in the United States. The Le Car was looked at as basic transportation here. (Renault's ads, pricing and lack of performance options - which were available in other countries - encouraged that.) It was fun and extremely comfortable, but it was basic transportation none the less. Folks who needed a 4 door car (i.e. families, car poolers) tended to look for slightly larger, more substantial cars.

This 4 door Le Car is located in Canada. It has the typical rust around the rear wheel well. (Which is not surface rust. The rust starts from the inside. Repair it and then coat the inside of the rear wheel well with a good undercoating / rust inhibitor. Plan on doing it again in 5 - 10 years.) Other than that, it looks to be remarkably rust free.

The seller has done quite a bit of work to this car, but it still needs a head gasket.

Located in Regina, SK, Canada, click here to see the eBay listing.

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