Wednesday, October 30, 2013

1963 Opel Kadett - One of the Oldest Kadetts in the US?

It's hard to believe now, but at one time Opels were a common sight on US roads. At one point, in the late 60s / early 70s, they were the second best selling import in the US, behind Volkswagen. I learned how to drive on one of my dad's (many) Opels and my first car was a 1969 Opel Kadett station wagon.

GM had been importing Opels since the 1950s, but the early cars - Opel Rekords - didn't sell well. It wasn't until 1962, when this car, the Kadett, came over that people took notice. It was priced competitively with the VW Beetle and was sold and serviced through Buick's 500+ dealerships.

This car has to be one of the oldest Kadetts in the US. The Craigslist ad is a bit sketchy. The seller says it has a 1.5 liter engine. To the best of my knowledge (someone correct me if I'm wrong here), the 1963 Kadett was only offered with a 993cc engine, making me believe that this a typo, or a later 1.5 Opel engine now powers it. The seller states that this car has "never been serviced in the 21st century," but one picture shows it with the drivers side door panel removed, meaning something was done to it.

Also interesting, is that it's being offered on the Puerto Rico Craigslist site, yet the car is supposedly in Queens, NY, and the contact number is a NY number.

Opel Kadetts are not worth much money and this one, even if everything is working, will cost more to restore - way more - than it is worth. The seller does not mention how much he is asking for the car in his ad.

If you've always wanted to have the oldest Opel Kadett at any car show, this car might be worth calling on. (And personally, I would love to see this car restored and at a car show. It's a cool piece of automotive history.) Click here to see the Craigslist ad. Caveat emptor.


Opel Rekord A + B said...

It's funny and strange that the Kadett was the more popular car and they stopped importing the bigger, more powerful, overall better Rekord in 1963...

steve in podunk said...

Lot of Puerto Ricans live in Queens