Wednesday, October 16, 2013

1985 Bitter SC - Exclusivity Within Reach

Erich Bitter has lived quite a life. He was a professional cyclist (he competed in the Tour de France) before turning to auto racing. After a successful 11 year racing career he retired from racing and became the official German importer of Abarth and Intermeccanica.

Long before BMW and Audi started building "8s" (850 & R8), Bitter, based on his experience with Intermeccanica, saw a need for a car with "exotic" looks but with reliable running gear. In 1973, he introduced the CD, a stunning looking car based on the Opel Diplomat and powered by a Chevy 327ci V8. He built 395, before ending production in 1979.

In 1979 Bitter introduced this car, the SC. Based on an Opel Senator platform, it was powered by a 3.0 or 3.9 liter Opel I6. General Motors was impressed enough by the car to enter into a US distribution agreement with Bitter. Bitters were to be sold through select Buick dealers. A few were sold in the US before the agreement collapsed. At one point Isuzu announced that it would distribute the car in the US, but that deal fell through before any Bitters made it into Isuzu showrooms.

Bitter succeeded in making an exotic looking car (it looks a lot like a Ferrari 400i) with durable running gear, but the SC never sold well. Between 1979 and 1989 less than 500 SCs were built (461 Coupes, 22 Convertibles and 5 Sedans.)

This car appears to be in nice shape. Bitters were prone to rust around the windshield, but this one looks clean. The interiors could also be fragile, but the interior in this car looks clean and intact.

The Bitter SC is one of those cars I crave. I love its looks and, while it's not the fastest car you can buy, the drivetrain is simple and easy to work on. The Opel parts are still readily available in Europe.

The best thing about Bitters are their price. They don't sell for much. This one is being offered for $11,400.00. There are very few cars that offer exotic good looks and super-exclusivity for that kind of money.

Located in Staten Island, NY, click here to see the eBay listing.


m4ff3w said...

I like the SC alot.

I think your production time frame includes the CD, 1970-1979. The SC started production in 1979.

Just A Car Geek said...

Oops. Typo. Corrected. Thank you. I obviously didn't spend my year off practicing my proofreading skills! ;-)

bluetoes591 said...

Awesome to have you back, you're the best of the unusual used car bloggers.

Richard said...

Great looking car apart from that arse, just not digging the lines. The CD however, wow, such a stunning looking car, cost double the price of the SC which is still a bargain!

Larry said...

Clearly, Erich Bitter had a thing for emulating Ferrari models (anyone else see a bit of Daytona coupe in the CD?) Fortunately, he did so with less exotic mechanicals at a much lower price point (and probably more reliable and more affordable to maintain too).

MotoringView said...

I used to have a 63 Corvair Van. It was nowhere near as nice as the one in the photo but I loved it. Too bad the one in the ad is too far away or I'd be all over it.