Friday, November 8, 2013

1992 Acura Legend Coupe - The Nicest I've Seen

The Acura Legend is, well, a legend. It's fast, refined, and, being a Honda, reliable. All of that made it a very popular car in its day.

It's still a popular car today. As it neared the bottom of its resale curve, it became a very popular car with kids and tuners. Unmodified, clean, "adult cars" have become very hard to find. One like this, with low miles and virtually zero defects, is almost impossible to find.

This is a 32,000 mile Legend. It looks great in red. It is stock. The only non-stock items are the speakers, which the seller replaced when the originals blew. The CD head unit is still stock Acura, and can still be operated from the steering wheel controls. The interior looks like new, the body still shines and the engine compartment is clean. (The seller has a link from his ad to a photo album with 60 picture. You can find it here.) It is about as nice of a 22 year old car as you'll ever find, let alone a 22 year old Acura.

If I had the extra cash and extra space, I'd buy this car. I'm just not sure what I would do with it. I could probably drive it everyday for another 22 years and never have it leave me stranded. But, like the seller, I would be afraid of door dings, salt, etc. Or, I could bring it to shows and show the tuners / kids what their cars looked like before they modified them or butchered them. Or, I could just keep it locked up and take it out for an occasional Sunday drive, smug in knowing that I might have the nicest, original Legend Coupe in the country.

The seller closes out his ad with the question "Did you dream of owning this car when you were younger?" Honestly, no. But I dream of owning one now. This one. I have not seen a Legend Coupe this nice since they were new.

Located in "Fremont / Union City / Newark," CA, click here to see the Craigslist ad.

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steve in podunk said...

Acura used to make good looking cars; yeah, really!