Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Renault, A Lotus and a Pair of Jaguars... Neglected and Abused, Looking For Good Homes

I used to volunteer at an animal shelter. There were some older animals there. They had health issues and / or personality quirks. Those were the ones I gravitated towards. They had been neglected or abused for years, and the shelter was their last hope. I knew it was going to be tough to find them homes, but I would try my hardest. If I had the room, I would have taken them all home with me.

The following are the automotive equivalent to those animals. They have quirks, they are unusual, and they have serious health issues. They have been neglected. But still, they deserve a good home...

1976 Renault R-17 Gordini - The R17 Gordini was the best car Renault ever sent to North America. Really. I owned two; a 1975 and a 1979. It is a well designed car and incredibly fun to drive. It has a enough power to keep you happy on rural roads, but easily gets 30 MPG on the highway. The power operated canvas sunroof gives it the feel of a convertible, without all the wind and scuttle shake. It comes with a fiberglass cover that protects the canvass and adds some additional insulation during the winter months.

Of the cars I'm posting today, this might be the best of the bunch. It is fairly complete and mostly together. It has rust, but I have seen worse. A lot worse. Check behind the rocker panels for rust, however. Rust almost always starts there and it is structural rust.

Old R17s aren't worth much money. You will spend more - much more - restoring this than its worth. But, as you have probably figured out, I don't believe in buying and / or restoring a car for profit. I believe in driving them. Spend the time and money on this one - or use it as a donor car for one you have. When you're finished, you'll have a very cool, very unusual, fun to drive car, that will attract attention everywhere you go.

Located in Milwaukee, WI, click here to see the eBay listing.

1978 Lotus Eclat - A wedge shaped, trouble prone car that is often unloved, even by fans of the marque... That's my kind of car.

The Eclats body is fiberglass and doesn't rust. Everything it's attached to is not and does. Often spectacularly.

This Eclat has been sitting in a barn for 20 years. The seller says the engine and transmission were removed because of a bad transmission bearing. It looks to be complete.

If the frame isn't too rusty, it might be a restoration candidate. If it's shot, this car is a good source of parts for another deserving Eclat.

Located in Palmyra, TN, click here to see the Bookoo ad.

1963 & 1964 Jaguar E-Types - Sometimes the animal shelter would take in two dogs or two cats that had been together for a very long time. They would only adopt them out together. That's kind of what we have here with these Jags.

You could say that one was the indoor Jag and the other the outdoor Jag.

The 1963 as been parked in the barn since 1994. The odometer shows 32,589 miles. The seller says there's some rust on the doors, but the rest of the car is in good shape.

The 1964 has been outside and looks it. The seller is calling it a parts car.

It will take a lot of work to make one good E-Type from these two, but when you're done, you'll have one of the coolest, most iconic, British sports cars of all time.

Located in Ewing, NJ, click here to see the AutoTrader Classic ad.

A big thanks to Jon for sending me these links.


Larry said...

Better you than me, JaCG. While I certainly appreciate the desire to see such unusual automobiles restored, it's seems like a fool's errand on these. Of the bunch, only the Gordini looks reasonably salvageable - yet it will have the least value (and least appealing driving experience) once rehabbed.

Just A Car Geek said...

Ha! No, it won't be me. My days of taking on basket cases are over.

I don't know that any of those cars will see the road again (the Jag in the barn maybe will), but it's sad to see cars like those just die of neglect.

Who knows? Maybe there's someone out there as crazy and energetic as I was in my twenties who will take them on.