Sunday, November 3, 2013

Weekend Quickies, Sunday, November 3, 2013

1964 Fiat Scioneri Sportinia - I'll bet that by this evening this car will be all over the internet. There's a good reason for that... It's a very cool, very rare, gorgeous Fiat

This car was designed by Giovanni Michelotti. Michelotti designed, along with many other cars, the Triumph Spitfire, TR4 and Herald, the Maserati 3500, and the BMW 700. He had a hand in the design of the BMW 1602, which later want on to become the 2002.

The Italian carrozzeria were notorious for keeping poor (or no) build records, and it is unclear how many of these cars were built. Through a little research, the seller believes that "more than a few dozen," but "less than 100," of these were built.

The opening bid for this car is €16,000. (Roughy US $22,000.00)

Located in Nuerburg, Germany, click here to see the ad.

1987 Saab 900 S - Lately, I've been hearing a lot of people talk about the Classic 900. Not just the 'verts and the hot turbo coupes, but all C900s. It seems that among the newer generation of car geeks, these cars - including the basic 4 doors - are becoming cool.

Those of us who are a little older know that the 900 has always been cool. It was everything a Saab was meant to be... Well built, fun, quirky and, uh, well, "cool."

This is an honest C900 sedan. The body, while not 100% perfect, looks good. The seller says it runs great. It has just under 68,000 miles on it.

The price is on the high side, but, with regular, routine maintenance, it should go another 140,000 miles, easily.

One caveat... The manual transmissions were often the C900s weak spot. Sometimes they would last for 300K miles, sometimes they would fail at 100K - 150K. According to Saab Central, the things to look out for are: difficulty engaging a gear (or a gear not engaging at all), a whining noise while travelling in 3rd or 5th, and popping out of gear, particularly reverse.

Located in Staten Island, NY, click here to see the eBay listing for this car.

1970 Opel Kadett L - The Kadett L was positioned between the Kadett notchback and the fastback. It was a bit better equipped than the notchback, but not as sporty as the fastback.

This car has the very desirable optional 1.9 liter engine. It is an unusual cam-in-head design. While not a rocket, the 102 horsepower it put out was a vast improvement over the 55 horsepower you got out of the standard 1.1 liter engine.

This car is originally from Oregon, but has been on Long Island for 2 years. The pictures show Oregon plates, so they are probably over two years old. That's most likely not a big deal - I assume the owner didn't use this as a commuter car and little has changed - but it would be worth asking for some recent pictures.

Located in Carle Place, NY, click here to see the eBay listing.


steve in podunk said...

That's a lot of scratch for that SAAB these used to go really cheap wholesale back a few years ago when they were a lttle more common. I bought a 91 2dr. auto with 27K miles for $1300 in 02, a turbo convertible for $1500 and a 85 stickshift sedan for $300; they were all in good shape and I made money on them. I'd buy 'em just to aggravate my business partner; he handles the repairs!but truthfully they didn't need much

Anonymous said...

Love the Renault 17. Sadly, both this model and his brother the 15 are very underrated cars