Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Willets Point, NY - From

Now for something completely different...

I grew up in New York. Admittedly, not in Queens, but on Long Island. Still, I was a car geek back then, and I should have known about this area. I didn't.

My friend, Jeff, sent this to me late last night. In a follow up email, he wrote: "I guess there is talk of an urban renewal project that will pretty much wipe the area out and replace it with boring apartment and office buildings. Yes, there are many things wrong with the area and it's an eyesore, but is a new development really any better?"

I could not agree more. There is far more art and culture in this area now than there will ever be in new steel and glass buildings.

I feel like all of us car geeks need to make a pilgrimage to Willets Point, before it is no more.

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Jon said...

I'm thinking it will be quite a while before a Starbucks opens there.

Max Power said...

It is essentially the area next to CitiField (yuck). As a Mets fan and a car buff I have mixed feelings about truly is an eyesore and I can see why they would want to get rid of it (personally, I would like to get CitiField removed and its faux-Ebbets Field-look...hello?, the Mets never played there and as an almost 50 year old man, the Brooklyn Dodgers moved some ten years before I was born...but I digress....)

Just A Car Geek said...

Giving away my age... I "saw" the Mets when they played at the Polo Grounds. They played there for one or two years before Shea was finished. I was 3 or 4 and my dad took me. I don't remember a thing about it. (Which is why I put "saw" in quotes.) But, I can say I was the the Polo Grounds!