Saturday, December 28, 2013

1963 Acadian Beaumont Convertible - A Rare North American GM Car

This is an interesting piece of automotive history.

GM never sent the original Pontiac Tempest to Canada, leaving that country's Pontiac dealers without a small car to sell. Instead, in 1962, they created the Acadian brand for both Pontiac and Buick dealers to sell.

The Acadian was a Chevy II with slightly different trim. It was available in 3 different trim levels; base (no model name), midline Invader, and top of the line Beaumont.

After a couple of years, GM made things a bit confusing... In 1964, GM based the Acadian Beaumont on the Chevelle, although the Chevy II based Acadian was still available. In 1966, Beaumont became the brand, and the Acadian name was dropped. However, the Chevy II / Nova based Acadian was still available through 1971. In 1976, the Acadian name came back as a Pontiac model based on the Chevette. (A little side note: While usually considered a Canada-only car, the Beaumont was also built in Chile for domestic consumption. For a few years it had a unique fiberglass hood and trunk. The North American built Beaumont was also available in Puerto Rico.)

This is a rare Nova based Acadian Beaumont convertible. The seller says it has been re-trimmed as a Beaumont SD, the Acadian equivalent of a SS.

This car is has the Chevy inline 194ci 6 and a 2 speed Powerglide transmission. It's no rocket, but that engine / transmission combo has proven to be reliable. The seller says it is rusty (including some structural rust) and is supplying some of the parts needed to repair it.

This would be a great car to restore. It is as simple as a Chevy Nova. Parts, with the exception of the Acadian-only trim, are super easy to find in the US and relatively cheap. Imagine the reaction if you brought this car to your local cruise night.

Located Camano Island, WA, click here to see the eBay listing.

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