Friday, December 6, 2013

1972 BMW 2002 tii - Owned By An American Idiot

A BMW 2002 tii is classic and cool. It's not ostentatious. It's a perfect car for a punk rock star.

This car belongs to Billie Joe Armstrong; singer, songwriter, guitarist for Green Day.

As you would expect of a California car that is owned by a man who has made enough money to maintain it, this 2002 is in very, very nice condition.

The seller writes: "The body is a stunning, correct Night Blue Metallic with no major signs of damage, scratches or nicks. The mini lights, coveted by many BMW enthusiasts, adorn the rear of the vehicle and are functional. The car sits on newer Panasport chrome wheels on Falken Ziex tires measuring 195/50R15. The chrome bright work around the fenders and entire car shines brightly on an afternoon drive."

Sounds really good, although I'm not sure what "mini lights" are. Is that another term for the round taillights ("roundies")?

The interior sounds nice, too. The seller goes on to write: "The interior is a matching Night Metallic Blue as this lovely color shows nicely on the door panels and seats. Steer this enjoyable ride with the wooden Nardi steering wheel. After-market Pioneer HD radio stereo and Focal speakers along with a small Kicker subwoofer in the trunk have been installed so you can rock out to your favorite tunes on the open road. The carpet appears correct and is in great shape. The original VDO gauges are intact and functional, and the Motometer clock is on the right of the gauge cluster, an identifiable feature on 2002tiis."

So far, so good. But...

There is this... The seller mentions: "The original BMW M10 overhead camshaft inline four-cylinder engine powers this awesome ride. Armstrong added a unique touch to this BMW by replacing the usual four-speed manual transmission with an automatic gearbox..."

What??!!?? He took out the manual and replaced it with an automatic? How very uncool. How very un-punk rock.

Regular readers of this blog know that I'm a big fan of leaving cars as they came from the factory. If a car left the factory painted yellow, keep it yellow. If it came with a 6 cylinder engine, keep a 6 in it. If it came with an automatic transmission, keep it automatic. And, good god, by all means, if it came with a sweet shifting 4 speed manual transmission, leave it there!

For the past 31 years I have owned a record store. I was a kid when I started it and I'm an old man now. I get into plenty of debates about the music that is called punk rock today. (Admittedly, Green Day lost their punk rock cred many, many years ago.) I say it's not authentic. It's soft. It's a lot like a 2002 tii with an automatic transmission. Wendy O. Williams would have blown this car up.

By the way, if you buy this car, you get an autographed Billie Joe Armstrong guitar. Whoo-hoo.

Located in Saint Louis, MO, click here to see the eBay listing.


Marcus said...

HA! I could not understand why you were being so harsh on this guy in your title. I Googled his name and found out tht American Idiot is the name of one of his CDs. I'm olld too. Now I feel older.

Willy said...

I was stumped by "mini lights", too, until I saw the side-view photo of the car. My guess is that the person who wrote the ad was not very knowledgeable, and when someone told him the car had "minilites", as in Minilite wheels, he figured they were some kind of light, misspelled it "mini lights", and embellished it by saying they adorned the rear of the car and were functional.

rrshadow2 said...

Yup Minilites are Wheels, best known for being used on Minis in the early 60s rally cars. Yeah it's sad this car has had an automatic put in it, My guess is this car will be bought by some Rich guy for his wife to drive. Most Enthusiasts unless they're a huge Green Day Fan, will pass it by

steve in podunk said...

"Owned by an American Idiot" I was figuring this used to be long to our former fearless leader W. because that's who Billie Joe is referring to in that album's title.

Just A Car Geek said...

Ha! Yeah, Steve, I had a little debate with myself over using that as the title of the post - for a lot of reasons, including your point and Marcus' point - but decided to go with it anyway. - Dave

Max Power said...

Well, I gave up on Green Day almost 20 years ago as yes, they lost their punk cred around that time. But I do respect them and even though BJ Armstrong did the unspeakable by replacing the manual, it is a very nice car and I am glad to see that he had one as opposed to some modern Bentley.