Tuesday, December 17, 2013

1985 Ford Escort Cabriolet - Not A US Escort, But In The US...

The seller begins his Craigslist ad with these sentences.... "Up for sale is a 1985 Ford Escort Cabriolet. Didn't know the Escort was a convertible? Well this isn't the piece of crap American Escort you've come to make fun of. This is the British Escort!"

And so it is.

The seller then goes on to detail a bit of the European Ford Escort's history.

What he doesn't explain is how and when this car got here and what condition it is in.

From what I can tell from the pictures, this Escort is in nice shape. I can see no major dents or rust. The interior has the type of wear you expect to see on an older car, but would probably clean up fairly nicely. All I can say about the engine is that it is there. He shows a picture of service records, so it might be safe to assume that this car has been taken care of.

Towards the end of his ad, the seller writes; "Owning a little two seater convertible sports car is cool, owning a little two seater convertible sports car that was never imported into the country is even cooler." Although this is technically not a two seater - you could put two people you really don't like in the tiny back seat - I know what he means and I agree.

If the car is in the condition it appears to be in and if it runs well, the $2500.00 asking price is very reasonable.

Located in New Orleans, LA, click here to see the Craigslist ad.

A big thanks to Brandon for sending me the link to this car!


Anonymous said...

Wonder why the USA did not get this car?

Anonymous said...

Could be a couple of reasons. Ford in Europe often makes way different cars than Ford USA. Or maybe it wasn't safe enough to be sold here, the keeps a lot of cool cars off of our roads. Not that this is "cool" it would have been fighting for market share against sunbird 'verts and the Dodge Shadow (maybe?).

Larry said...

Been for sale for quite a while (bringatrailer.com/2013/03/28/euro-spec-1987-ford-escort-xr3i-convertible/). If I recall correctly, $2500 is something like half what the seller was asking before. That raises all kinds of questions...

By the way, Europeans felt the same way about their Ford Escort as we did about our Ford Escort. Not good. I guess the novelty value here is worth something.