Thursday, December 12, 2013

1986 Peugeot 505 S Wagon - A Lot of Car For Not Much Money

The Peugeot 505 was a really good car. It was roomy, comfortable, and, in certain trim, quick. It was relatively reliable. The body, designed by Pininfarina and Peugeot, while conservative, looked modern and classy. It should have sold well in the US. It didn't. Peugeot had no clue how to market a car in the US. In 1991 Peugeot stopped selling cars in the US.

For all intents and purposes, the 505 was the only Peugeot sold in the US throughout the 1980s (Peugeot did offer the larger 604 for awhile, but it found very few homes in the US. The old 504 station wagon was still available the US in the early eighties, until the introduction of the 505 wagon) . Peugeot made the most of the 505 by offering a dizzying array of models and drivetrain choices, including the "GL", "S", "GLS", "STI", "DL", "Liberte", "STX", "Turbo", "GLX", "SW8" and "Turbo S". There were a few "special editions", too. Engines included a 2.0 liter 4, a 2.3 diesel and turbodiesel, a 2.2 turbodiesel, a 2.2 4, a 2.2 turbo 4, and a 2.5 V6. There may have been a few others I missed. Most of these powertrains were available with 5 speed transmissions, all were available with automatics.

There have been 4 505s in my life. An S and GL wagon, and an STI and an STX sedan. They were all good, comfortable, reliable cars. The sedans - one with the turbo 4 and the other with the much maligned PRV 6 - were incredibly fun to drive, too.

This car is an S station wagon. It has the normally aspirated 4, which will not win any drag races, but has enough power to get out of its own way and has proven to be reliable.

This is not a perfect car, but it's not a basket case by any means. The seller does not know the correct mileage, but says the engine and transmission were rebuilt "recently."

The body looks good (the seller says it has some scratches and dings), but the front fenders look a shade off from the rest of the car's color, indicating a possible accident at one time, or maybe some rust repair. I'm not a fan of dark window tint and would remove the tint on this car's windows.

The interior looks decent. The front seats have been replaced by newer ones. (Peugeot seats are incredibly comfortable, by the way.) He says the dash is not cracked and the cargo area (which is huge) is in nice shape. He mentions that there are "stress cracks on the shifter." I have never seen that and have no idea what he means.

The best part about this car is the price. The Buy It Now is (US) $1250.00. As I write this it has been bid up to (US) $810.00, with over 4 days left to the auction.

I would not recommend buying this car to be your only driver. While it will most likely be a reliable car, it's 27 years old and when something does break, parts - other than the basics - are not all that easy to find. It would, however be a perfect car for the weekends and for doing some light hauling. (You can actually fit sheets of plywood and wallboard in the back. When my ex-wife and I bought our house in 1991, my 505 wagon was a common sight at the lumber yard and Home Depot. It was amazing the amount of stuff we were able to cram into it.)

Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, click here to see the eBay listing.


bluetoes591 said...

That car has been on Craigslist for a little while.

If I remember correctly a guy I know went and checked it out, found it to be more or less as advertised and desirable to him, but timing was wrong as he is trying to downsize his fleet.

rrshadow2 said...

I've owned a few Peugeots, None recently, the last was a 505 Gas Wagon which got taken out by a Ford Escort and the replaced by a Subaru BRAT, the only thing that ever failed was the alternator when I was in Canada, it would only charge above about 35mph, Yeah you can imagine how much fun that was get home! Before that I had a 504 Diesel Wagon with manual transmission, got it cheap, loved to rev the crap out of it which wasn't such a good idea as it blew a head gasket and got scrapped, Also had a 604 Turbo diesel, got it from a 17 year old girl who had it as her First car. SERIOUSLY!! That one eventually blew a hose and died but I Loved that car a Lot!

Anonymous said...

See a diesel 505 wagon almost everyday. Same car of course