Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Pair of (1957?) Opel Olympia Rekords - Too Far Gone To Restore, Too Rare To Ignore...

These cars are too far gone to be restored. I'm posting them because it's rare to see them in any condition in North America.

These are Opel Olympia Rekords. Introduced in 1953, they were very modern looking in their day. They were not performance cars, however. The engine was a 1488cc OHC 4 that Opel had been using since the late 1930s. It produced just 45 horsepower. It took around 30 seconds for these cars to reach 60 MPH.

The Olympia Rekord sold well in what was then West Germany. It was officially imported into the US, but in very tiny numbers.

The station wagon was known as the Caravan. This one looks like it had a forklift go through its windshield - a typical old school way of moving junk cars - and the roof is bent. Still, there might be enough good parts to justify making an offer.

The convertible is really interesting. This is the first time I have ever seen a full convertible. Until now, I only knew of the "Cabrio-Limouisine," an open top Olympia Rekord that retained portions of the steel roof. I can find very little information about this car other than a Wiki blurb that states "The Opel Rekord P1 cabriolet and coupé conversions were always extremely rare." Uh, thanks. I kind of figured that out on my own. (You can see a picture of a restored cabrio here.)

The body of the convertible, under the surface rust, looks pretty good. That may not matter, however. I don't know that there is another one of these cars in the United States. It may be a parts car for a car that doesn't exist.

It's sad to see cars like this in this kind of condition. But, back when these cars were abandoned, it's likely that no one knew how rare they were in the US. They had outlived their usefulness and were left out in the elements. At least now we're getting to see them one last time before they are cut up for parts or sold for scrap.

Located in Organ, NM, click here to see the Craigslist ad.


rrshadow2 said...

Very cool, but I seriously doubt anyone would tackle restoring one of these, Best you could hope for would be one being turned in to a resto Mod using parts from some other car. No way anyone is going to take the time and effort to make on Stock original you would be throwing your money and time in to a Huge black hole

Opel Rekord A + B said...

Ya, probably not worth restoring but they could be good for spare parts or a rat-rod build...

steve in podunk said...

That convertible would make an awesome itty bitty street rod but it sure wouldn't be an easy project

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I know these cars
I have that caravan as a Sedan.
The caravan is Kind of rare But Not worth a lot.
The convertible is a very very rare car, they were never build offical by opel.
That car is worth to restore if Its possible!!!
In Germany you could find a lot of parts for that car.

Greetings from Germany