Sunday, December 1, 2013

Weekend Quickies, December 1, 2013

1973 BMW 3.0CS - This is auto porn, pure and simple. The E9 is a beautiful car, in every way imaginable.

The one black mark on the E9 is its propensity to rust. It's scary. The rust starts inside the fenders and body. By the time you can see it on any visible surfaces, it has already perforated the inner body panels. The seller says that this car had a "bare metal, front fender replacement body restoration." Still, it would be worth spending a lot of time checking out the body of this car, as the fenders are just one of many places rust starts.

If the body checks out, this car, with its rebuilt engine, triple Weber conversion and great color combo, would be a great car to own. Located in Mt. Kisco, NY, click here to see the eBay listing.

1993 Saab 9000 CSE Turbo - Saab introduced the 9000 in 1985. It was one of the "Type 4" cars. It shares its platform with the Lancia Thema, Fiat Chroma and the Alfa Romeo 164. The body was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro.

The 9000 CSE Turbo has the refreshed body style (1992 was the first year) and a 200 HP turbocharged engine.

Having maintenance records for any 9000 CSE Turbo is a must. A well maintained CSE will cruise to well over 200K miles without any real problems. A poorly maintained one can lead to financial ruin. Blown head gaskets and bad transmissions are common, and expensive, problems on a 9000 CSE Turbo. Do the obvious; check for white smoke and transmission whine before buying any 9000.

If you want serious, frenzied fun, hold out for a 9000 Aero. (225 HP, and faster than a Ferrari Testarossa and Porsche Carrera 4 from 50 to 75 MPH.) But, if you're looking for a unique, fun to drive, everyday car, the 9000 CSE Turbo, at far less money than the Aero, is tough to beat.

Located in Chicago, IL, click here to see the listing for this Saab 9000 CSE.

1996 Ford Mustang Mystic Cobra - I've only seen one of these. It was pretty cool to look at.

The Mystic Cobra came with paint that changed color, depending on the angle it was viewed. Green was the dominate color, but it would turn purple, gold, black and a few other colors. Ford built 2000 Mystic Cobras. estimates that just under 1500 are still on the road.

Underneath the cool paint is a regular Mustang Cobra, meaning it's a pretty good muscle car.

This car had a crate motor installed about 52,000 miles ago. The seller says it has a few "dings," but overall it looks to be in nice condition.

Located in Edison, NJ, click here to see the Craigslist ad.

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