Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!!

Photo courtesy of Hemmings.

What the heck? It's 2014. Aren't we supposed to have flying cars by now? They've been predicting them for as long as all of us have been alive.


Just a quick post to wish everyone a safe, healthy and happy new year.

I also want to thank everyone for reading Just a Car Geek. I wasn't sure how many people would read this after I took my year long hiatus. It now has more readers than ever. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Here's to 2014. I'll keep trying to find off-beat, unusual, interesting and weird cars. I will write about them and post them. And, as always, I will never proofread. :-)

Thanks again and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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bluetoes591 said...

Happy New Year to you too!

Keep up the great content. :) Of all the blogs and websites that discuss various automotive classifieds yours is definitely my favourite. Your choice of cars, your anecdotes, the fact that despite not proof reading they're still better written than the other pages I read all combine to keep me reading.