Sunday, January 19, 2014

Weekend Quickies - January 19, 2014

1962 DKW Junior - It's really unusual to see one of these in the US.

The Junior was the last car to wear the DKW badge. It was one of the last Western cars to use a 2 stroke engine.

DKW / Auto Union were eventually bought by Volkswagen and, along with the NSU brand, became what we know as Audi today.

This DKW is in great condition. I have no idea how many of these cars are left in the US, but this is quite possibly the nicest.

Located in Abilene, TX, click here to see the eBay listing.

1987 Dodge Colt Turbo - Talk about a rare, under appreciated car. This is essentially a Mitsubishi Mirage Turbo with a Dodge badge.

I had a friend who bought one of these about 20 years ago. I drove it a few times. It was a ton of fun.

This is old-school turbo technology... Put your foot into it and all hell breaks loose. Turbo lag and torque steer are plentiful. So are the smiles. 60 miles per hour comes in 9 seconds in stock form. Do a few mods and you can easily cut 2 seconds off that time without screwing up reliability.

If you're looking for a sleeper, this car is worth checking out.

Located in Stafford, CT, click here to see the eBay listing.

1969 Rover 2000TC - The Rover 2000 was brilliant on paper. It had a modern, understated design. It had a clean, comfortable, well laid out interior. It had features that were well ahead of their time. It was quick.

It was also wholly unreliable. Build quality and typical British electrical issues doomed it in the US.

By now, owners and aftermarket suppliers have found / created cures and fixes for most of the 2000's issues. Besides being fun, it can now be a reliable weekend driver.

This 2000TC looks to be in very good condition.

Located in New Orleans, LA, click here to see the Craigslist ad.


Vince said...

I had a 84 turbo colt that was a blast. If I wasn't 1500 miles away from there I would buy that in a second.

Max Power said...

Oh man...that's almost like my first new car, a 1987 Mirage Turbo. The Colt Turbo twins from that generation were more understated that the Mirage which had a factory bodykit and me being 22....I wanted the bling (and in hot red no less). You used to see these EVERYWHERE in the 80's (mostly the non-turbo) models and it is like they all had a march to the crusher in 1995 or something.