Sunday, January 5, 2014

Weekend Quickies - January 5, 2014

I'm dealing with some sort of cold / flu / plague thing, but I wanted to get at least one post up this weekend.

1985 Innocenti DeTomaso Turbo - On Thursday I posted an Innocenti DeTomaso Turbo. JaCG reader, Andrew, sent the link to this one via the Just a Car Geek Facebook page.

This one is in excellent condition. It does not appear to have been modified in any way.

On the short list of cars I would like to own someday is an Innocenti DeTomaso Turbo.

Located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, click here to see the Kijiji ad.

1985 Bricklin/Fiero - Andrew also sent me this. (Blame him! ;-)) I had to look at it a few times to make sure I wasn't having some sort of bad fever dream.

Yes, this is a Fiero made to look like a Bricklin.

I don't get it. Bricklins are not especially valuable. Mechanically, they are actually fairly reliable. (At least as reliable as a Fiero.) Why spend all sorts of time and money creating a fake Bricklin?

I detest the fake Ferraris, Lamborghinis, etc. But, I sort of understand them. You don't have the money for a real Ferrari or Lamborghini, so you create one. A non-car geek with a seeing eye dog - standing 100 yards away - may think you have a true exotic. For a minute or two.

But a Bricklin? For less than $20K, you can get a real one. (Often way less than $20K) A really nice real one. Or, you could just have a pretty cool V6 Fiero. (Which, despite its reputation, isn't a bad car and getting quite rare.)

No amount of Nyquil made this car make sense to me. (And, Andrew, who didn't mention having the flu in his message, didn't understand it, either.)

Located in Brantford, Ontario, Canada, click here to see the Kijiji ad.

2007 Vespa LX150 - Matt Hebert is an old friend of mine. An extremely talented and successful musician, he traded the chilly climate of New England for Austin, TX, a number of years ago.

For the past few years he's been using this Vespa to get around town. Now he's decided it's time to go back to something with 4 wheels.

The Vespa LX150 has a 150cc engine and a top speed of 59MPH. It gets around 70 MPG. Matt's has 5500 miles on it. He describes it as having a "couple little scuffs, but in great shape."

This blog is about 4 wheeled vehicles. That's the form of transportation I prefer. But, if you're looking for something to zip around town on, send me an email and I will put you in touch with Matt.

A video of Matt (lead singer / guitarist / songwriter) in action with Ware River Club...

(If you receive JaCG vis email, you may have to click here to see the video.)


bluetoes591 said...

Love those Innocentis too.

The fake Bricklin makes a real one look really good. On the other hand this one might be a better car.

steve in podunk said...

Wow, talk about the answer to a question no one would ask, and they got answer wrong too!