Friday, February 28, 2014

1983 Honda Civic S - From The Days When Honda Made It Simple...

Two Hondas in a row... That may be a first for JaCG.

Yesterday I wrote about a 1990 Civic CRX Si. The Si is a brilliant little car. It's a lot of fun to drive.

The basic Civic is not as much fun to drive. Not by a long shot. Still, in their own way, the early Civics are brilliant cars.

Created during Honda's "Honda: We Make It Simple" days, it was simple and unexciting. The very smooth 1500cc engine produced just 67 HP, making it a slow (but not dangerously slow) car that could easily get 35 MPG on the highway. They were simple to maintain and dependable.

This is a Civic S, Honda's early attempt at bringing some sportiness to the Civic line. It was introduced in 1983, the last year of this generation Civic. There are no mechanical differences between the standard Civic and the S, but it did get a firmer suspension, "sporty" 165/70R13 Michelin tires, a tach, and some blacked out trim.

Early Civics rusted in pretty spectacular fashion, which is what makes this car interesting. It appears to be rust free. It has a blown head gasket. (Which is a very, very common problem.) Usually, when an older Civic comes up for sale, it's running fine but has rust issues, not vice versa.

The paint looks really good on this car. Maybe too good. I wonder if it's been repainted or if it just looks so good because the car was photographed when wet. If it's been repainted, check for poor rust repair.

20 years ago, a 1983 Honda Civic with a blown head gasket and 182,000 miles would have been junked. But today, with so few left - especially rust free ones - this car has been bid up to $1600.00, with over a day to go in the auction.

I would bet just about anything that this car will be sold to a kid or a tuner, who will customize the hell out of it. It's cool to see it in the condition it is today and remember back when Honda made things simple.

Located in Silverdale, WA, click here to see the eBay listing.

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Chris Keen said...

I thought for certain this was the same car I featured back in December, but the VIN, mileage and some minor details are different, although they both have blown headgaskets. Looks like this one is just across Puget Sound from the other one, so that area must be a vortex for the Civic S.