Saturday, February 8, 2014

Weekend Quickies, February 8, 2014

1972 AMC Javelin - I am a huge fan of these cars. Similar era Mustangs and Camaros looked tough (especially the spilt bumper Camaros). The Plymouth Barracuda looked plain. But, the Javelin looked exotic. Huge fender bulges, a little integrated roof spoiler, a wraparound dash... Nothing looked quite like it.

The Javelin was a capable performer, although the Big Three's pony cars tended to be a bit better. Still, I would give up a few MPH for the looks of the Javelin.

This Javelin may or may not have come with the AMC Go Pack. The Go Pack consisted of a special instrument package, upgraded suspension and brakes, a rear spoiler, special wheels and numerous other upgrades. Many of the Go Pack's features could be ordered separately. Some features could be deleted from the package. It makes telling whether a car came from the factory with a Go Pack tough.

The seller was going to do a restomod on this car, but then, thankfully, had a change of heart. Overall, this car is in very nice condition and deserves to be kept stock. (Although someone has already put in a GM rear axle in it.)

Located in Kokomo, IN, click here to see the eBay listing.

1985 Renault Encore - Talk about a car you don't see anymore. The Encore was marketed as a sporty / upscale version of the Renault Alliance. Really.

Other than the big glass hatch, there were not a lot of differences between the Alliance and the Encore. The Encore was a few inches shorter than the Alliance and had some very minor trim differences.

The Encore came standard with the same 1.4 liter 4 found in the Alliance. It was very economical. It was not sporty at all.

The Alliance / Encore was built to a price and it showed. The materials they used looked and felt cheap. The front seats, however, in typical Renault fashion, were truly spectacular.

The drivetrain in the Alliance / Encore was fairly reliable. Everything around it and attached to it was not.

I love Renaults. I've owned a bunch. A couple of R12s, a LeCar, a couple of R17 Gordinis, an R10, a Fuego and an 18i sedan and wagon. (My two R17 Gordinis were so good, they would make a Top 10 list of favorite cars I have owned.) But, I never had a desire to own an Alliance / Encore. 30 years later, I still don't.

Located in San Luis Obispo, CA, click here to see the eBay listing.


steve in podunk said...

That Javelin made me swoon! I had a 71 AMX when I was an irresponsible teen. I got so many tickets in that thing I lost my license; I eventually totaled it of course and have missed it ever since; 31 years now. Ya' couldn't give me an Encore or an Alliance for free; I'd be embarrassed to be seen scrapping it; terrible, terrible car.

Max Power said...

Not even a GTA?! My dad was in the market for a new car in 1984 and was about to pull the trigger on an Alliance MT which was a special edition Alliance celebrating its Motor Trend Car of the Year win. What differed it was the gunmetal grey paint and the thing I wanted...a six speaker stereo system. 6 speakers!!!!! I was so mad when he god an Accord LX instead....four speakers...ugh

Just A Car Geek said...

The GTA was technically a different model. (I believe they are titled as GTAs.) Yeah, I'd like to have one. A red 'vert would be cool. It could run with (often surpass) all of the day's hot hatches and the top comes down. These days they can be found cheap. A fun car for little money.