Monday, April 28, 2014

1959 Renault Domaine - I've Never Seen One For Sale in North America Before

I've never seen one of these for sale in North America before...

The Domaine is based on the Renault Frégate. It's large car by Euopean standards, with a wheelbase that is 4" longer than the same era Ponton Mercedes-Benz. It is around 100 lbs heavier than the MB.

The Domaine's engine was a 2.1 liter 4 that produced 80 horsepower. A 4 speed manual transmission, with a column mounted shifter, was standard. Renault's unique 'Transfluide' semi-automatic transmission was optional.

The Domaine was roomy and comfortable. The rear hatch opened up clam-shell style, and there was plenty of storage space.

The Frégate / Domaine cars competed against the Citroen Traction Avant 11 and, later, the Peugeot 403. They never sold well. Less than 200,000 Fregates (all variations) were built during its 10 year run. In 1962 It was replaced by the Rambler Renault, a Rambler Classic Six built under license from American Motors.

There is not a lot of information given about this car. The seller gives us three poor pictures of the car and one "this is what it could look like" picture. He says it has new tires, new brakes, a rebuilt carb and a "renewed" gas tank. The seats have been recovered and look good. It looks like it has the manual transmission. There is no mention of the condition of the engine. The body looks respectable in the pictures, but these cars rusted badly, so check it out thoroughly.

Located in Richmond Hill, ON, Canada, click here to see the eBay listing.


rrshadow2 said...

about the only chance of that ever making it back on the road is if it were to be Resto moded use a modern drive train, you'd have something super cool! I've never heard of one of these either, Fregate Yes, but not this one. Unfortunately if you tried restoring it to stock it would end up being a HUGE Money pit assuming you could even Find the parts and you'd still end of with a car that's not worth much money since few people would even know what it was

Unknown said...

This car was at a car show today in Woodstock,Ontario.
I'd never seen one in Canada before, went to Google and this page came up.
The paint and rust marks match perfectly to the car, it's the exact same one. Can upload pics if need be, I actually took a few of it.

Anonymous said...

I just saw this car tonight at a local cruise night in London.It looks cool and got lots of attention.

Unknown said...

Is it for sale