Saturday, April 26, 2014

1988 Suzuki Samurai Rock Crawler - Owned By A Friend

Back in the early 1980s, Daxe was an up and coming punk rocker. His band, Pajama Slave Dancers, had released a few indie cassettes and LPs and had just been signed to Restless Records. I was an up and coming record store owner, having just opened my record store in 1982. The music connection would have been enough to forge a friendship, but one day Daxe casually mentioned that he owned a Ford Anglia. "No you don't." "Yes, I do. Want to see it?" "You bet I do." "It's in my backyard. I had an accident and I can't drive it right now."

Sure enough, there was an Anglia in Daxe's backyard. And, as he mentioned, it had a crumpled fender. It was far from being a basket case, however. It just needed the fender. It was white with a red interior. I offered to buy it, with the proviso that I found a fender for it first. In the early 1980s there was no internet. There was no eBay or Craigslist. The only real way to find parts for obscure cars was to scour Hemmings, which only came in the mail once a month. After a few months of having no luck finding a fender, I gave up and didn't buy the car. Sadly, it eventually made its way to the junkyard.

As often happens in adult friendships, we lost touch. We gained families and kids. A bunch of years ago I was watching my kid play soccer. I heard someone yell my name. It was Daxe. It turns out that his son played on the same soccer team as mine and they were good friends. (They don't play soccer anymore, but spend a lot of time online together. With headphones and microphones, they sit in their respective houses and keep the world safe from zombies and terrorists. Important stuff.) Daxe and I rekindled our friendship in the 21st century way, through Facebook and IMs. (Maybe we could invent a game where we keep the world safe from used Hyundai Excels and GM ignition switches.)

It turns out that Daxe never lost his enthusiasm for odd vehicles. He just bought more dangerous ones.

This is Daxe's Suzuki Samurai. Yep. The 4x4 that Consumer Reports warned us would spontaneously roll over. CR has its place in the world, but they tend to get overly dramatic when it comes to cars. Yes, the Samurai could roll over. But, you had to do something really stupid to make that happen. That can pretty much happen with any vehicle. Give just about any of us just about any car, and, with enough time, we could put it on its roof.

What makes this Samurai dangerous is that Daxe turned it into a rock crawler. The goal of rock crawling, as far as I can tell, is to never have 4 wheels on the ground.

I'm not a rock crawler person and I don't know a lot about the sport, but this Samurai seems to have all the right parts and a TON of spare parts. Knowing Daxe as I do, I can tell you that whatever he tells you about the vehicle will be the truth.

For $2900, you get the Samurai, a Geo Tracker parts car, and a ton of spare parts. He is willing to listen to trade offers, including "high end musical instruments" and / or "a solid, low mile used car" for his daughter. (Maybe you have a low mileage Anglia?)

Located in Huntington, MA, click here to see the Craigslist ad.


Jon said...

If Daxe signed the dash like Carroll Shelby, then it would only add to the value.

Green Manelishi said...

What's an Anglia?