Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Vice President Joe Biden's 2005 Cadillac STS

So, it's 2005 and you're the senior senator from Delaware. You have presidential aspirations. People scrutinize your every move. You want a cool vehicle, but you need to buy something made in America. You could buy a BMW X5, an Acura TL or a Mercedes-Benz M Class. They're built in the US, but, let's face it, they're still looked at as imports by most people. What do you choose?

Joe Biden chose an AWD Cadillac STS. Not a bad car in its day, if you needed to buy American.

The STS was the successor to the FWD Cadillac Seville. At the time, it was Cadillac's flagship car. The Northstar V8 was an impressive engine, developing 320 HP. The transmission was a 6 speed automatic. The suspension was a "Magnetic Ride Control" suspension, which was billed as being the "fastest reacting suspension ever." It was available with AWD. The renaissance Cadillac is enjoying today has its roots in this car.

So what about this car?

Not a lot of information is given, including how the seller knows this was Biden's Cadillac. (For someone with the very important job he has, Biden seems like a regular Joe - pun intended. But, I can't imagine that he just put it on the lawn of Number One Observatory Circle with a "for sale" sign on it.) He states that it has "push start tweeter speakers," (Not sure what those are. I had a door speaker in an MGB that I had to punch in order to make it work. :-)), a Bose stereo, and heated and cool seats front and "black."

He says it needs shocks and suspension work (probably not cheap) and minor engine work (the Northstar, impressive as it was, turned out to be not very reliable). From the pictures, it looks pretty much like what you'd expect a 10 year old, 110,000 mile Cadillac to look like.

The KBB value of a 2005 Cadillac STS, in fair condition with 110,000 miles, is roughly $9500.00. The seller is asking $15,000.00 for this one. Celebrity ownership has its price, I guess. Still, it's cheaper than the $1,000,000.00 someone was asking for President Obama's 2005 Chrysler 300C or the $690,000.00 Pope John Paul's 1975 Ford Escort sold for.

I could see myself recommending a Cadillac STS to someone who was looking for a mid-2000s American luxury car. But, unless they were a political junkie, I would recommend they spend a few thousand dollars less and buy one in excellent condition owned by someone anonymous.

Located in North Wilmington, DE, click here to see the Craigslist ad.


steve in podunk said...

I always liked Joe; he's seems a little batty but the least slick fella in the present administration, but I wouldn't have a Northstar engine'd car with more the 80K miles on it even if FDR use to own it.

Eric uhde said...

I have this car... Its still a 2 owner clean clear title.152k Nov 9 2020