Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Phenomenal 1978 Fiat 128 SPORT 3P - 1970s Time Capsule

Wow. Just wow.

I am well into middle age. I remember these cars when they were current. There were a few running around the town I grew up in. After a few years they were gone. Rust and mechanical issues - mostly rust - took their toll.

Go to any car show today and you might spot a few Fiat Spiders and X1/9s from the same era. I can't remember when I last saw a 128 Sport coupé or 3P. They didn't have the cashet of the open top Spider or the mid-engine X1/9 when new. Relatively few sold and it seems that few were saved. Except this one.

With the exception of the upholstery, some mechanical parts and some normal maintenance pieces, this 128 3P is as it was when it drove off the dealer's lot.

This is what the seller has done to this car (quoted from his ad):

Interior - New interior upholstery seats only, remaining original panels, head liner etc in excellent condition.
Rear end - All new rear shocks, brake shoes, rear brake cylinders, brake hoses.
Front end - Front calipers with new master cylinder, new brake rotors, brake pads, brake hoses, new lower control arm, new steering rack ,new tie rod ends, all new motor mounts x 4, top and bottom, new sway bar bushings
Engine - Refreshed with new bearings, new oil pump, new piston rings, new valves, all new seals, new timing belt and tensioner, new water pump, new alt belt, all new gaskets, rebuilt carb, rebuilt alternator, rebuilt starter, converted car to electronic ignition, all new hoses, new clutch cable.
Outer body - Original factory orange paint with stripe on this rare California classic. No rust or accidents with exception of painted hatch for a corner small window rust repair. Minor small dings but amazing condition for its age. 5 mag wheels and 5 original steal wheels no tires, Michelin tires good, 90% . Clear title. All original factory glass.

I'm not going to write much more about this car. I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Located in Modesto, CA, click here to see the eBay listing.

Someone on the very cool Facebook page, Obscure Cars For Sale, posted this car this morning. It's a Facebook page worth checking out.

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Devin said...

These pictures really do say more than words could. I'm pretty young but I sure can appreciate old cars that are kept in mint condition such as this. I'm looking to get into the market with cars for sale - there's still so much I'm learning everyday.