Wednesday, May 30, 2018

1976 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV Turbo - Someone Needs To Rescue / Restore This

Although I still keep this blog site alive (mainly for my own entertainment), I haven't updated it in quite awhile...

This car made me want to do a new post. (I also posted it to a pretty cool Facebook page called Obscure Cars For Sale.)

My friend Jeff sent this to me Monday. Jeff is one of the foremost Alfa mechanics in the country and has a nice collection of exotic Italian cars. When something catches his attention, you know it's special.

A number of companies created Alfetta Turbos. I'm not sure who did this one, but it looks to be very well done. It appears like it still uses the original Spica injection system.

For some reason Alfettas have not increased in value at the same pace other Alfas have. I owned 3 Alfettas (2 GTs and a sedan) and found them to be very entertaining cars. 

Alfettas were prone to rust. This car, which looks like it was repainted, has plenty of surface rust but appears to have very little structural rust. The ad does not state the condition of the engine, but the seller says the clutch "works" and the brakes are "spongy," which makes me believe he must have, at the very least, started it to figure that out.

The seller says it would be "a nice vintage racer road racer or rally car," Me? I'd love to see it on the road. An Alfetta sleeper.

Located in New Milford, CT, click here to see the Craigslist ad.


Tan Yee Wei said...

Talk about good fortune. I logged in to my long forgetten reader ( and saw your entry. I can't believe I caught you right when you posted an entry after 2 years & 2 weeks of radio silence.

steve in podunk said...

start posting again dang it

Anonymous said...

Miss your blog more than ever. Especially now that BAT has jumped the shark and become a Porsche auction site.