Saturday, September 29, 2018

2004 BMW X5 - 5 Speed Manual

Yes, you can get an older X5 with a manual transmission. They aren't very common, but they are out there.

The 5 speed manual was actually the standard transmission. The automatic was optional, but you would never know it as most X5s have it. Many cars with 5 speeds came through with no options. They were price leaders. The dealer could state that he could get you into a brand new X5 for $40,000.00

This X5 is interesting because it has a few options. There is no digital dual climate control. Just three round knobs. There are no heated seats or headlight washers. But, someone did order the "Sport Package" and that's what makes this cool and unusual.

The Sport Package was a $2500.00 option that added a firmer sport suspension, a sport steering wheel, 18-inch wheels and sport seats. If you didn't mind the stiffer ride of the sport suspension, this was a worthwhile package.

The reality is that the X5, no matter what options it has, will never be called a sporty vehicle. It's a large SUV. It does what a large SUV should do very well. But the Sport Package and 5 speed manual makes the pleasant driving experience of the X5 a little more fun.

In general, X5s are reliable vehicles. The 3.0 I6 is very durable if given regular maintenance. One of their biggest - and most expensive - problems was with the automatic transmission. They were known to fail very early in the vehicle's life or never fail at all. They were a crap shoot. You don't have to worry about that with this vehicle, of course. The manual transmission is very relaiable.

This particular X5 is on a dealer's lot. It looks to be in nice shape. It has a decent Carfax, showing 4 previous owners and a minor accident early in its life. It would be nice to have some service history, but I rarely see that with cars being sold by used car dealers. Given that, a pre-purchase inspection by a good, knowledgeable BMW mechanic is a must.

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pickles said...

What a unicorn! Everyone I've known has loved their X5s and the manual transmission could only help the fun.