Wednesday, October 24, 2018

1985 Renault Sportwagon - Save It From The Crusher

Just a quick post today...

The Sportwagon was Renault's last shot at selling the 18i in the U.S. market.

Renault introduced the 18i here in 1981. It was available as a sedan and a wagon. In terms of looks, ride, and especially interior design, it should have done well here. But, one big thing let it down... The engine was a 1600cc 4. It just didn't have enough power to move the car with any gusto.

In typical Renault fashion, they got the car right just before discontinuing it here. In 1983 they dropped the 18i sedan and renamed the wagon "Sportwagon." They ditched the 1.6 and dropped in their 2.2 liter 4. They also upgraded the wheels to 14". It made a world of difference.

The 18i is not without its faults. The materials Renault used in the 1980s were not great. I had a few 18is in the past. They never left me stranded, but it seemed like I was forever replacing little stuff.

Renault stopped selling the 18i here in 1986. They continued building the car in France until 1989. South American production lasted through 1994. Parts, while not easy to get in North America, are plentiful overseas.

The seller of this car is "seeing if there is any interest before it's squashed." He says it needs "a coolant Distributing manifold." Honestly, I have no idea what that is. He claims it's an engine out job.

The asking price is just $200.00. For that kind of money it might make a nice winter project. If not, it would certainly be a good parts car for someone with an 18i / Sportwagon. With so few of these cars left in North America, it would a shame to see this one crushed.

Located in Plains MT, click here to see the Craigslist ad.


pickles said...

Save the Renaults! And please, if you find a mint, Le Car with a sunroof, lemme know!

Unknown said...

Is the car still available. It was the second car I bought. I was looking for one.