Friday, October 26, 2018

1988 Porsche 924S - A Very Good Entry Level Classic Porsche

It's time people stop putting the 924 down. It's not the fastest car you can buy and it's not a 911. But, in its day it was a damn good sports car. Today it's a bargain. Especially the 924S.

Long story short: The 924 was originally a joint Volkswagen / Porsche project. The car was to be VWs flagship car and Porsche's entry level car. The basic deal was that Porsche would do much of the design and development and VW would supply the drive train. When VW decided to drop the project Porsche bought the rights to the car. (Supposedly for less money than VW had paid them to create it, making this a genuine bargain for Porsche.)

The biggest knock on the 924 back in the day was the VW engine. It's a good engine, but did not make the kind of power Porsche fanatics expected an engine in a Porsche to make.

Despite the complaints about is power, the 924 did very well for Porsche. In the U.S. Porsche sold close to 37,000 924s from 1976 through 1982. (Plus an additional 6000 924 Turbos.) Porsche still built and sold the 924 elsewhere and, in 1987, after replacing the VW engine with a detuned version of Porsche's 2.5 liter 4, they reintroduced it to the US market as the 924S. Where the original 924 had between 95 - 115 (in US trim) horsepower on tap, the 924S engine made 155 in 1987 and 160 in 1988. Porsche dropped the 924 altogether after 1988.

This 1988 924S looks to be in very nice shape. The seller recently replaced the tires, brake pads and rotors (front and rear), timing belt, water pump, and fuel pump. He also had it repainted in the "factory maroon color." While it didn't rust as bad as many of the cars of the 1980s, the 924 did rust. Make sure to check that there are no hidden horrors under the shiny new paint.

The seller is asking $6150.00 for this car. I first thought that was a little high. But, I checked Hagerty's price guide and they show one in "good" condition being worth $7000.00.

The 924S will never have the "ooh and ahh" effect a 911 has, but it's a great entry level German sports car. One that is finally getting some of the respect it deserves.

Located in Jacksonville, FL, click here to see the Craigslist ad.

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