Friday, October 19, 2018

1980 BMW 323i With Alpina Upgrades - The M Sport Package Of Its Day

The Alpina E21 to have is the B6 with its 2.8 M30 engine. However, just over 500 were built and when they go up for sale these days they aren't cheap. One recently sold on Bring A Trailer for $80,000.00.

This is a BMW E21 323, with a lot of the Alpina goodies added. While it doesn't have the killer 2.8 liter engine the B6 has, it has a lot going for it.

The E21 BMW 3 Series was introduced to the world in 1975. We didn't get it here until 1977. It was only available only with a 4 cylinder engine (initially a 2.0 and later a 1.8) in North America.

This is a top of the line, Euro-spec 323i. The 323 came with a fuel injected 2.3 liter 6. The U.S. 320i engine made 123 hp and 129 lb⋅ft of torque. The 323 made 141 hp and 140 lb⋅ft of torque.

You could look at the Alpina C1 upgrade kit - which is what this car has - as being the M Sport Package of its day. (The BMW M Sport Package doesn't give the engine performance upgrades you would get in an M car, but it gives a lot of the other fun pieces.) This car has Alpina Turbine wheels, Aplina / Recaro seats, Alpina gauges, an Alpina / Momo steering wheel, a wood Alpina shifter knob, an Alpina differential cover and Bilstein shocks. It has a really good look to it.

This car looks to be in great condition. The seller has owned it for 8 years and kept up on the maintenance. The seller says the previous owner had the car "restored," which included "a high quality paint job, professional wheel refinishing and a top-end engine rebuild."

For many years the E21 was given little respect. It was looked at as a bridge between the legendary 2002 and the later E30. That's slowly starting to change, but they are still under-priced. This car, despite it's excellent condition and having the 6 cylinder engine and the Alpina kit, is selling for a reasonable $11,000 (or best offer).

Located in New Hampshire, click here to see the Craigslist ad.

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