Friday, January 11, 2019

1978 Aerocon Boa - Fun To Drive, Not So Fun To Look At

Here's an oddball. The Aerocon Boa was a kit car. Sort of.

Unlike most kits cars, where you got a body and boxes of parts that you needed to put together yourself, the Aerocon Boa came completely assembled except for the engine and transmission. It was recommended that you use a Porsche or VW engine.

The Boa had a fiberglass body and a monocoque aluminum frame. Pretty advanced stuff for any car - let alone a kit car - in 1978. The interior - which has some obvious Lucas parts - is as nice or better than many production sports cars of the time.

Weighing just 1800lbs, I assume this was a very quick car.

In 1978 the Boa - without the engine and transmission - cost $17,000.00. That's about $65,000.00 in today's money. That is probably part of the reason they only sold 15.

But I suspect there is another reason the sales were low... This is just not a good looking car. It looks OK when viewed from the side, but the rear looks like the kit car it is and the nose is just plain ugly.

With its advanced design, build quality, nice cockpit and light weight, the Aerocon Boa is probably a lot of fun to drive. It's just not a lot of fun too look at.

This car looks to be in very nice condition, needing little or nothing. It has a Porsche 914, 1.8L engine in it. The seller says "there are only three left in existence in this condition." I believe that.

Located in Sacramento, CA, click here to see the Craigslist ad.


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I have 2 unbuilt bodies

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Hi, do you have pictures? how much?