Monday, January 7, 2019

A Renault Fuego, A Dacia Pick Up, David Bowie and Peter Frampton...

If you were one of the handful of people who read this blog back in the day, you know that I once owned a Renault Fuego. It was a car that to this day I haven't decided whether I loved it or hated it. It had traits that brought out both emotions. I won't go into detail in this post, but if you're interested in my Fuego thoughts, you can read my 2009 post here.

The seller says this 1983 Fuego has just 50,000 kilometers on it. That's about 31,000 miles. That's seriously low mileage. Too low in my mind. The first question I'd ask is why it wasn't driven more, or more importantly, how long has it been sitting after it was no longer being used.

Despite the car sitting in snow in the pictures, the seller says it has no rust. Like most car manufacturers, Renault had improved its rustproofing by the 1980s, so that's possible. However, any car that sat outside for any length of time will have some rust, so the car's storage history would be good to know.

Mechanically, the sellers says it ran great but it doesn't run right now. He seems to think its related to the coil and something to do with the ground wire. Coils and wires are cheap. Few people stop driving a good car because it needs a coil or a wire. They just fix it. Again, there are some questions to be asked here.

To my eyes, the Fuego still looks good today. It looks classic, but not old fashioned.

A Fuego will never be worth a lot of money. Restoring one is a labor of love. But, there weren't many sold in North America and few survive, making this a very rare car today. While the Fuego is not the fastest or best handling car you could own, the seats are incredible and with the roof open on a warm summer night there is nothing like it.

Located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, click here to see the Kijiji ad.

Dacia is a Romanian car manufacturer. They have been around since 1966. They got their start by building Renaults under license. First the R8, and then this, the R12.

What was cool about Dacia - and what set them apart from many of the other manufacturers building cars under license - is they created unique models. Dacia built the R12 sedan and wagon - which except for some trim was identical to the Renault version - but they also created and built a unique R12 coupe and this, a pick up truck. Introduced in 1975, the Pick Up (that was its name) was a very successful vehicle. Dacia built them through 2006. Dacia is now owned by Renault and are building some very nice modern cars.

There is not much I can write about this pick up. It appears to be a long bed version, or King Cab as it was known in Romania. It also looks like it was converted to run on LPG.

I can't even tell you the condition its in as Google Translate is one of the more useless tools on the internet. When I try to translate the text to English, this is what Google tells me it says: "I sell / exchange Dacia slipper with glossy gloss looks good enough for her vartsa, has no insurance or it used us for about 4 years, pull the girl. Negociable price". Okay, whatever.

None of that really matters, though. As cool as it is, importing this particular Dacia would be insane. There are might better ones out there somewhere being sold by a dealer who could help you with shipping. (Then again, there might not be.) I'm just pointing this out because its so odd and really cool.

Located in Slatina, Romania, click here to see the OLX ad.

Below is a 1987 video of David Bowie and Peter Frampton walking around Madrid, Spain, searching for a place to get a beer. Nothing special about that, except for all the cool old cars, especially Renaults. Check it out!

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Scottiedog said...

There is a Dacia garage within walking distance of my office, you can buy a base model Sandero or Duster with steel wheels, manual windows and no this day and age the radio is removed on the base model...crazy. Still, farmers love the Duster, less than £10k for a brand new SUV....sorta a modern day Defender (because the new one will cost crazy money).