Wednesday, February 6, 2019

1961 Citroen ID 19 - In The U.S, And In Amazing Condition...

I love it when the seller does all my work for me. I'm just going to cut and paste from his ad...

"In 1955 at The Paris auto show The DS debut it was the most mind-blowing car the world had laid eyes on.The car looked nothing like other cars of the day whether in Europe or The USA.But beyond its spaceship like sleek looks.The car drove better then anything else of its day suspension that still puts modern cars to shame.Front wheel Drive and Inboard Disc brakes a engine designed to slide under the car in case of a front end collision a steering wheel designed to push you to the passenger side instead of through your stomach.You could even drive the car on 3 wheels or in a ditch just flip the height adjustment up and drive away.These cars where safe and where good on fuel use as well.The DS19 had a semi automatic transmission and hydraulic assist on the steering and the brakes where controlled off of the hydraulic system as well."

"The DS was such a legend of a car that it has been voted Most Beautiful car of all time buy a panel of car designers and important car folks in Classic & Sports Car magazine.The car was named 3rd place in Car of the century in 1999 and 5th Coolest car of all Time by Automobile Magazine,And countless other Car critics and designers have said similar things about The legend of the DS."

So what is the difference between The DS & ID ?

"Well there are many slight changes depending on the year but the simple answer is The ID19.Has the same body as The DS and many of the features of The DS including the awesome suspension however it is a little more stripped down version of The DS,And many folks prefer it as it is a little easier to maintain.Another plus is since this car is a 61 model year built in 1960 car meaning it is the first generation of The DS/ID range."

This is a 4 owner, California since new, car. It looks to be in immaculate shape. In the last 9 years it has had $12,000.00 worth of work done to it. The seller says he has receipts for all the work.

As the seller states, most of the Citroens of this era rusted away and were scrapped. It's amazing to see this one in this shape.

Located in Sacramento, CA, click here to see the Craigslist ad.

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