Tuesday, March 26, 2019

1987 Aston Martin Lagonda ​​Station Wagon

There are times when I have nothing to say. This is one of those times. This car speaks for itself. If you care about my thoughts on the Lagonda, you can find a post from 2010 here.

The description of this car appears in a Classic Driver ad. You can find it there, but I'll also post some of it below...

" In 1996 the project LAGONDA ​​SHOOTING BRAKE was started. The LAGONDA ​​is predestined for an exclusive combination. On behalf of the customer, the design of Beat Roos and the Carrosseie artist Rudolf Hess was converted into its present form. In 1999, the car was handed over to the customer after about 4,000 conversion hours. Base vehicle is a LAGONDA ​​Ser.III."

"Particularities: - Original chassis with 4 doors and tailgate embedded in the roof. - Tailgate custom made in aluminum electrically retractable. - Rear window heating with rear wiper and washer. - 2 air conditioners. - 2 12V batteries. - Rear windows electrically foldable. - Additional rear & stop lights in the bumper. - 4-speed automatic with overdrive. - BUILT ONLY ONCE!"

Technical specifications:

Years of Creation: 1996 to 1999
Design: Beat Roos / Rudolf Hess
Number Built: 1
Type: LAGONDA ​​Shooting Brake (Station Wagon )
VIN: SCFDL01S4HTL13511 Mileage
: approx. 18'000 (since Conversion approx. 3000)
Steering: LHD
Color: Antrim Blue Metallic
Interior: Leather Gray
Doors: 5
Transmission: 4-speed with overdrive, Automatic
Engine: 8 cylinders in V, 5341ccm, 309 hp Dimensions: Curb weight 2150kg, total 2522kg,
wheelbase 291cm, length 528cm, width 181cm, height 130cm
Places: 4

The pictures come from a site called AutoScout24

The asking price for this car is CHF 449'000 or $451,840.31 at today's rates.

See the Classic Criver listing here.
Find the AutoScout24 listing here.

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pickles said...

I know the Lagonda can be polarizing. It's designed to be. There was nothing demure about it and it was designed for clients with similiar character. In a way, it's just a brash, squished, stretched Volvo 740, really. Thus, I'm INSANE for the wagon/estate iteration. Everyone who loves a Volvo loves a Volvo wagon more. Lagonda wagon is just more of a great thing.