Wednesday, February 19, 2020

1975 AMC Hornet -No Frills, Excellent Condition

I love seeing cars like this.

The AMC Hornet, along with the Ford maverick and Chevy Nova, was a step above basic transportation. Not a big step, but better than a Pinto or Vega.

The Hornet was introduced in 1970. It replaced the Rambler in AMC's lineup. The wagon, known as the Sportabout showed up in 1971. It immediately became the best selling Hornet body style.

Like most cars in the AMC lineup, the Hornet wasn't technologically advanced. But, its simple, old school, engineering meant that the Hornet - if given regular maintenance - would provide its owners with reliable, unexciting motoring for a very long time.

Rust was the Hornet's big enemy. Many Hornets - and plenty of cars from other manufacturers - hit the junkyard not because of mechanical problems, but because of rust.

That's one of the reasons this car is so remarkable. It appears to be in excellent condition. No rust holes, no major dents, no mechanical issues and an interior that looks close to new. How did this happen? Unfortunately, the seller doesn't give us the backstory.

The asking price is $4795.00. At 45 years old, this car is probably not something you'd want to use as a daily driver. But, it sure would be a cool car to take to shows and cruise around in. Chances are you won't see another one like it. Almost certainly you won't see one like it in this condition.

Located in Waupun, WI, click here to see the Craigslist ad.

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