Saturday, February 15, 2020

Right Hand Drive 1990 Mercedes-Benz 220te - In The U.S.

In the grand scheme of all things Mercedes-Benz, this is not a special car. It was the entry level Mercedes-Benz W124 wagon.

But, in the grand scheme of cars you don't see in the U.S., this is pretty cool... A right hand drive, 4 cylinder MB wagon.

From the seller's post...

99,xxx km ( 61,500 miles ) Runs and drives Suspension is a bit tired Rhd (Pretty rare for a jdm Mercedes as most are lhd) Imported from Japan to Canada about 10 years ago with 76,xxx km single owner it's whole life in bc. Few dents and dings and a few small spots lf chipped paint nothing major. Interior is in great shape no rips tears etc Windshield is cracked (can have it replaced for a buyer)

If you're looking for an everyday driver to haul the kids and your stuff around in, this is probably not a great choice. But,If you're looking for something cool and odd to bring to shows, this would certainly fit the bill. It looks to be in overall good condition and would take very little to make it a near perfect car.

This car is located in Saettle, WA. The asking price is $5500.00. As far as I can tell, the seller has only posted it to a closed Facebook group called Obscure Cars For Sale. If you're interested in the car you can send a request to join the group.

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