Saturday, May 30, 2020

2007 Volvo V50 T5 AWD - This Would be A Cool Daily Driver

I have always liked these cars. The second generation S40 / V50 Volvos just had a great look to them.

The V50 is the wagon version of the S40 sedan. The S40 line dates back to 1994. The first generation was a collaboration between Volvo and Mitsubishi. It wasn't a bad car, but it was nothing special. The first generation wagons were called the V40.

In 2004 Volvo introduced the second generation S40. The wagon was renamed the V50. While it shared its platform with the with the Ford Focus and Mazda 3, it was more of what you expect a Volvo to be than the first generation was. The body styling was consistent with the other Volvos of the time. The sedan sort of looked like an S60 that was left in the dryer for too long. The wagon was a bit more unique.

The interior showed the car's Swedish roots. Everything you expect to find in a European sport sedan / wagon is there, but it is all in what became known as a "floating" center console. It was simple and functional. Typical Swedish design. Most people either loved or hated it. I love it.

The T5 was Volvo's performance version of the car. The turbocharged inline 5 was good for 218 horsepower and 236 pound-feet of torque. 60 MPH cam in just 6.9 seconds. That's very good for a car built in 2007. That power is put to the road through a Haldex AWD system.

Based on what I see online, these are pretty reliable cars. Volvos aren't the bulletproof cars they once were, but the second generation s40 / V50 seem to have no glaring faults.

Having just written that, this car has has its engine replaced. The seller writes "the new engine has six months warranty from LKQ for parts only and documented 65,000 miles on it." (The rest of the car has 130K on it.) LKQ is an auto recycler (read: junkyard), and the seller does not say how many - if any - of miles he has put on the car himself since the engine was replaced. The body and interior look to be in very nice shape and I love the blue exterior color.

If the seller has a reasonable explanation for the engine replacement this would be a fun daily driver. The asking price is $5950.00.

Located in Walnut Creek, CA, click here to see the Craigslist ad.


pickles said...

The V50 really was cool. The people whom I've known who had them were all people you'd want to know. An event planner, a photographer, a fundraiser, a visionary shop owner... it's no surprise. The design was tight, clean and very modern. It had no stupid swage lines or fake mesh. Just a pure, Swedish vision. In my opinion, it was the best of Volvos in this period. And heck yeah, that floating console was beautiful.

Unknown said...

Hey, this is my car!! lol! I bought it from the guy off CL in June and it's been extremely fun and capable car! Already had many great camping adventures in the Sierras and Grand Canyon.