Tuesday, May 19, 2020

201? Snyder ST-600c

There isn't a whole lot to do during these days of "stay at home." My business has been closed for two months, restaurants aren't open, car shows aren't happening and the Red Sox aren't playing. To avoid complete and total boredom, my girlfriend and I go "exploring." Exploring means that we get in the car and drive. We usually don't plan a destination and we always pack some sort of picnic type food. It's actually fun. Yeah, it would be cool if there was a car show we could stop at along the way or if the Sox were on the radio, but we're making the best of a weird situation and having fun doing it.

Early into our trip this weekend, I spotted this car in Clifton Park, NY. It's a Snyder ST-600C. Honestly, I had never seen or heard of a Snyder. I had to do some research...

Basically it's a Chinese built 3 wheeler. A company called Snyder Technology, Inc. imported them and sold them as under the Snyder name. They may also have had something to do with the Wildfire 3 wheelers that were also being sold in the US at the time.

The Snyder's engine is a 600cc motorcycle engine. It's mounted in the rear. Steering is via a single front wheel. Technically, it's not a car. It needs to be registered as a motorcycle.

From the outside, the build quality of this car looks similar to the build quality of the first Hyundais that made their way to the US in 1987. The interior, however, looks to be a total joke. I could not get into the car, but just from glancing in I could sense how cheap everything was. Amusingly, the center HVAC / radio stack is surrounded by fake wood grain. As if that was going to somehow make the Snyder seem luxurious. On this car that piece of fake wood grain plastic was completely warped.

I don't know if this car is for sale. I have no idea why you would want it other than as a curiosity. In 2010 / 2011, when it was new, it sold for $8000,00. Cheap money for new car, but you could have bought some very nice, 4 wheel, dependable, better screwed together used cars for that kind of money.

Youtuber WatchJRGo rencently bought a Snyder and had some fun - or as much fun as you can - with it. You can check out his videos here, here, and here.

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