Wednesday, June 10, 2020

1979 Renault R30 TS - In North America And Being Auctioned

Anyone who has read this blog in the past knows about my love of French cars. I've owned quite a few and lusted after many more. I would be lusting after this car big time if I hadn't just had a 10 week unplanned, unpayed vacation courtesy of the Covid 19 virus "stay at home" order. I'm fine (never got the virus, knock on wood) and my business is back open, but I'm not in a "let's spend money on unnecessary things mood" right now.

This is a car that was never imported to the United States. The R30 TS was Renault's top of the line car in the late 1970s. It was the first Renault to use the PRV V6.

Unfortunately early model problems, especially with the PRV engine, led to the car gaining a reputation for being unreliable. Rust was also an issue on early cars.

This R30 somehow found its way to Ontario, Canada. It looks to be in rough, but restorable condition. It is being offered by an auction house and their description is this: "4 Door Manual Gear Box. Needs Cv Boots On Axle Shaft. Body Fair To Good Condition. Need Brake Hydraulic Lines Replaced New Exhaust System Required." I'm pretty certain it will need more, but if you can get it cheap, it might be worth the gamble. Parts will be impossible to come by in North America, but Renault sold quite of few R30s (and it's sibling the R20) worldwide, so there should be plenty of parts available overseas.

As I write this the high bid is $202.00 Canadian (about $150.00 US). That's dirt cheap for a car that would be unique at any North American car show.

Located in Lambton Shores, ON, Canada, click here to see the Auction House website.


Max Power said...

Holy moly....these were kinda rare even in Europe back in the day. When I used to spend my summers in Italy as a kid in the 70’s and 80’s, i would see an R20 every so often but hardly ever the R30. So I am thinking that Renault may have imported them to Canada...maybe to test the waters for the US? Those bumpers look to be much larger than the standard ones in Europe and the grille and headlights look a little different as well

Just a Car Geek said...

You're right about the bumpers. I didn't notice that. They certainly look US spec. It also looks like it has US spec side marker lights. This may have been built for the US market. Weird.

R30TSCanadienne said...


I'm the owner of this car! I imported it to Quebec province.
It will be saved and put back on the road.

I'm in search of any infos about it and any parts!

Would be happy to talk with you anytime!