Saturday, June 13, 2020

1985 BMW Baur 323i - In the U.S.

Another cool car that was never officially imported to the U.S. But, what the European car companies wouldn't send to us, gray market importers often did. This Baur 323 convertible is one of those cars.

The first BMW Baur convertible was based on the 1600 / 2002. Early convertibles had full folding roofs. In 1971 they started producing "targa" style convertibles. Every 3 Series through the E36 was available with a Baur conversion. (The e36 was a unique, somewhat bizarre, 4 door convertible.)

The E30, even in U.S. trim was a damn good car. Stuck between the lackluster (at least in U.S. trim) E21 and the much rounder, more modern E36, it was the car that put the 3 Series on the map in North America. The first M3 was an E30 and it was the first 3 Series to be offered as a 4 door sedan. It was also the first 3 Series to be offered as a BMW factory built convertible, which was sold along side the Baur "targa" versions.

The M20B23 6 cylinder engine was never offered in the U.S. and puts out around 150 HP. A noticeable difference between the U.S. spec E30 and this car is a lack of the 5 MPH "diving board" bumpers that were required in the U.S. at the time.

This 1985 Baur looks to be in overall good condition. The seller says the clear coat is staring to peel in places and there is a bit of rust "inside the trunk at the trunk lip." he also states that it needs new tires. If I were to buy it I'd replace the wheels too, which in my eyes don't suit the car. That's personal opinion of course, and you may think differently. (The seller is including a set of Alpina wheels with the car.)

The asking price is $8800.00, which seems realistic to me. The is a fairly rare car in general and very rare in the U.S. The E30 is a fun car to drive and the Baur conversion just adds more fun to the equation.

Located in Burtonsville, MD, click here to see the Craigslist ad.

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pickles said...

These have a sexy, swarmy air to them which totally appeals. You can probably smell the cologne the former owner wore when you open it up. We had an '87 325ic and it was 14 years old when we bought it. That inline six was sweet as sex yet the top was surprisingly complicated. The possible simplicity of the Baur appeals. Agree though, those wheels are no bueno. Even steel wheels with the odd Euro-only hubcaps would be better, if just for authenticity.