Tuesday, July 28, 2020

1990 Rouge Collection Jaguar XJS

This is a "Rouge Collection" XJS. Not a lot is written about the Rouge Collection cars and what info is available is often contradictory. What is fact is that all Rouge Collection cars came painted red, which makes sense. They all had a cream colored interior with red accents on the seats. They all had red paint-accented basketweave wheels. They all had Rouge Collection badges. Somewhere around 200 were built.

After those above facts things get a little vague. Many say that all were 1990 model year cars. Some say that all came with dark burled Walnut trim and matching dark - possibly brown - carpeting. Based on this car, all of that seems true. But, then there's this... A 1989 XJS Rouge Collection that sold on Bring A Trailer in 2019. Besides being a 1989, it has lighter wood trim and a light carpet.

The Rouge Collection was strictly an appearance package. All the mechanical bits, suspension, etc. are stock XJS. I think it looks great in red and I like the interior. I'm not so sure about the wheels.

Of course you can't talk about an XJS without talking about reliability. The truth is that while these are certainly not Toyota-like reliable, they are not the complete nightmare they are rumored to be. The V12 engine is very strong. But, it's a lot of engine stuffed into a relatively small area and keeping it cool was often a problem. Upgrade the cooling system - you can find kits online - and do a coolant flush and fill every couple of years and you should be fine. The transmission is a three-speed GM Turbo-Hydramatic 400. Not exactly a sporty transmission, but it's damn near bombproof. As with many older British cars, you can count on experiencing some electrical issues and should budget for that.

About this car... It appears to be in decent condition. It has 46,000 miles on it. The seller states that it "doesn't need much to be show quality. It is not perfect. It is beautiful and can be driven every day with period maintenance such as oil changes etc. It is turn key and drive home." But he also states "The Jaguar has 46,421 original miles on it. It has been in dry storage for years. It runs and drives great. Since 2008, The car has been driven only 116 miles." That's not a selling point to me, that's a red flag. Yes, keeping it tucked away for 12 years has kept the mileage down and prevented any additional wear and tear from happening, but cars need to be driven. The gaskets and rubber parts are quite possibly dried, cracked and in need of replacement. But, then again, if it was stored properly and maintained during storage, it may not need much. The bottom line is that this is a car that needs to be checked by an experienced Jaguar mechanic before purchasing.

The seller is asking $7950.00. That's a reasonable price for a low mileage XJS. The "Rouge Collection" parts add a little to the value of the car, but not much.

If this car checks out mechanically, this would be a cool car to own. Especially if you like the color red.

Located in Knoxville, TN, click here to see the Craigslist ad.

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