Monday, July 27, 2020

Renault R7 - An R5 With A Trunk

As far as I can tell, this car is in Poland and not for sale. I just had to post it because it is so obscure and cool.

The R7 was essentially an R5 / LeCar with a trunk. It was built in Spain. Except for the chrome bumpers and the trunk, it's pure R5. FASA-Renault (a Spanish company that built Renaults) built these from 1977 through 1983.

What is interesting is that when Renault introduced the 4 door R5 / LeCar in 1980, they used R7's rear door design.

I'm pretty certain that there are no R7s in North America. Getting one from Europe is probably tough these days as only 159,000 were built and in its day it was an inexpensive disposable car.

Enjoy the photos.


tranco said...

It is for sale here in Poland - it's expensive even for a historic vehicle - about $5000

pickles said...

Cute. I'm no sedan fan but I do love an R5. Have you seen the "van" version? Kinda pimp-daddy in the style of the old Pintos with the round, bubble back window. Tacky in a good way.

Sandee said...

Holy smokes! I had a 10” sub-woofer installed as part of the R5 hatchback ... I would have given anything for a real truck!