Saturday, August 8, 2020

1999 Callaway HSE Range Rover - A Restoration Project

Usually a rough 1999 Range Rover is something I would advise everyone to stay away from. As Range Rover HSEs get older, mechanical things start failing at an alarming rate. Rust sets in. Parts are very expensive.

Range Rovers of this vintage in decent / good condition don't sell for much. There is no really good reason to restore a rough 1999 Range Rover.

But, there are exceptions to every rule and this Range Rover is one of those exceptions. This is a 1999 Range Rover Callaway.

In 1998 Range Rover commissioned Callaway Cars to do a limited run of Range Rover 4.6 HSEs.

Callaway ultimately created 220 of these vehicles, each one receiving a numbered plaque on the dash. (This Range Rover is # 73.)

Not turbocharged as many of Callaway's cars are, Callaway instead modified the engine by increasing the compression ratio from the stock 9:35:1 to 9:60:1, increasing airflow through the cylinder head, tweaking the ECU and much more. The result was that the Limited Edition Callaway Range Rover 4.6 HSE produced 240 bhp and 285 lb. ft. of torque, an increase of over ten per cent from the production 4.6 liter V-8. 0-60 times dropped from 9.7 seconds to 8.6 seconds. Very nice for such a big, heavy vehicle. You can find all the modifications Callaway did here.

This particular Callaway Range Rover needs work. The seller is calling it a "project or parts car." He says it is drivable and has has new head gaskets, a radiator and has had some brake work done. On the downside he states that it has electrical issues, rust, and a "converted suspension" (I don't know whether that means it has had the coil conversion done or he's saying that it should be done.)

This will most likely not be a cheap restoration. But, with only 220 made and Callaway doing the work, this may become valuable as time goes on. Even if it doesn't, it's still a cool, rare car that is worth saving. The asking price is $3000.00

Located in Minneapolis, MN, click here to see the Craigslist ad.


Brent Bohn said...

So I bought it today, has coil spring conversion, it is drivable , had to replace front brakes as it ejected a outboard pad on pass side. Will be addressing oil leaks and multiple lights on dash in the following days. Needs a driver window regulator, pass mirror , exhaust work, the rust is confined to rear quarter arches. Interior is surprisingly good shape. Drive it 50 miles tonight. Not super powerful compared to a clients 01 range 4.6 of simular miles but it does get up to 70-80 easily. Roof rack will be removed ASAP .

Just a Car Geek said...

I’m jealous! But, I’m glad to hear that someone will be bringing it back to it’s former glory!

Brent Bohn said...

Updates can be found on Facebook p38 rover forum. So far I’ve fixed the brakes, new calipers pads rotors and lines, the suspension is converted previously , runs and drives well enough . Bought a brush guard and fogs , second set of rrs 19 wheels ...

Unknown said...

I have #36(1999). My name is Mitch Drone. I live in Douglasville Ga. It's time to get rid of it. It doesn't run bu if anyone is interested in starting a project hit me up.