Friday, September 18, 2020

1972 Renault R17 - Ex SCCA Car - Ready For LeMons?

Just because I post any R17...

This thing popped up on Facebook Marketplace.

A former SCCA racer, its best days are behind it. It now has no engine and more rust than metal.

I'm pretty certain no one is running an R17 in the 24 Hours of LeMons. Do some welding, drop a Fuego Turbo engine or a 2.2 in it and you're ready to go! ;-)

Yeah, I know. This is a basket case. But, boy, would I love to see this on a track again...

Located in Troutman, NC, click here to see the Facebook Marketplace ad.

1 comment:

pickles said...

It's got a transmission but no engine. So by default, maybe it's now more reliable? Ridiculously cool body, regardless. Love the R17.