Saturday, September 26, 2020

1986 Lands Precedent Sportswagon - Just 1 of 2 Built - 8 Years Later, It's Back And Still Weird

I featured this car in a June 2012 post. You can find it here.

That early post received a decent amount of views in 2012, but then, like most older posts, the views tailed off. I had no idea what happened to the car or where it wound up. I forgot about it.

Now and then I go through the comments section of the blog looking for spam that may have slipped through the filters. Last week, I noticed that the old Lands Precedent post was getting quite a few views and even some comments. I looked at the post and saw a comment from "Splatt" that read: "This car is for sale and is up the street from where I live." Since I have no idea where "Splatt" lives, I asked if there was an online listing anywhere. A man named Ryan responded with the Facebook Marketplace link.

Yep. It's up for sale again. It looks like someone has started to prep it for bodywork and/or paint. (Or maybe the paint has started to fade. I'm not sure.) There are no pictures of the interior in the Facebook listing. The seller says that it has a 5.0 V8 in it, which was something that wasn't mentioned in the 2012 listing. A JaCG reader pointed out that the headlights and markers are from a Lincoln Mark VII.

Everything I wrote in the original post still holds true in my mind. This is not a good looking vehicle. But, it's incredibly rare and interesting. I'm glad to see that someone took care of it over the past 8 years. Let's hope that the new owner will restore it to its former glory. (I'm really not sure "glory" is the right word, but I can't think of any other word. Maybe I should say that I hope it gets restored. ;-) )

The asking price is $12,500. Is that too high? Is that too low? Who knows? It's not like Kelley Blue Book - or anyone - is going to have a listing for this.

If you really wanted this 8 years ago, here's your second chance. Located in Enterprise, AL, click here to see the Facebook Marketplace ad.

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